Genesis Chapter One

There has always been much discussion about the first day of the universe. Some will tell you that it was created by an almighty being, and still others will say that the universe was a collection of chemicals that some how collided, creating the cosmos.

The truth is that both are right. God, in most religions, has a definite shape. He looks like man… man was created in his own image… Sure… But the truth is God has no definite shape.

He is the words of his book. He is the sun. He is the hidden vibrations in the universe itself. He IS. I AM…

We are not God. Like any creation, there is a bit of the Creator inside. A bit. That does not mean one is a god because the Lord breathed into him, it simply means that ingrained in each living thing is the programming to be righteous: a light bringing messenger of the Most High.

But… we have seen bad; we have seen evil. We have witnessed tiny misdeeds as well as some large. We are just as capable of evil as we are good… we just often choose the former because it is easy.

As for The Big Bang, God vibrated. The chemicals formed, they mixed, they boomed, and thus created the whole universe. His wavelength reached out, with delicate fingers, and tinkered space into being.

Earth bubbled, boiled, warmed, cooled, erupted, with magic fingers. And from within the earth, man was formed. Baked with a recipe of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, and a variety of other elements, the human race rose from the dust, multiplied, and vibrated with God.

We were perfect… and then they came.

Before man’s construction, there were two others. These two shared the same ancestry, but within decades a chasm formed. They are called, respectively, the Azurians and the Drakonians.

The Azurians are seekers of enlightenment and concern themselves ultimately with the vibration of God.

The Drakonians are seekers of self and concern themselves with conquest.

The Azurians were watching the Drakonians; they saw the touch down, their ships hovering over Eden. They obeyed the Lord and did not interfere.

The Drakonians, wanting the Earth’s resources to further their research goals, took full advantage of the young humans below…

One thought on “Genesis Chapter One

  1. Fiction and philosophy! Yes!!!

    I completely agree about the natural explanations coexisting with supernatural ones. The lovely Dr. John Lennox compared it to a car engine. “Who is responsible for this, Henry Ford or the law of combustion?” Both, obviously, they aren’t mutually exclusive!

    I wouldn’t even say “God looks like a man.” Jesus is a man, of course, but “made in His image” means “having a soul/personhood.” 🙂

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