Spring-Heeled Jack

First Encounter: October 1837, London England. Mary Stevens, a servant, walked to Lavender Hill after seeing her parents in Battersea. As she was passing through Clapham Common, "a strange figure leapt at her from a dark alley." He held her tightly and began to kiss her face, as well as tearing at her clothing with … Continue reading Spring-Heeled Jack

Genesis Chapter 2

Mankind looked much like man of the present, however, they were much furrier. It would be easy to say that they were apes. By all accounts they showed a lot of the same physiology. But unlike apes, they had a higher perception of the Vibration. The drakonians did not understand. Though centuries before they were … Continue reading Genesis Chapter 2

Genesis Chapter One

There has always been much discussion about the first day of the universe. Some will tell you that it was created by an almighty being, and still others will say that the universe was a collection of chemicals that some how collided, creating the cosmos. The truth is that both are right. God, in most … Continue reading Genesis Chapter One

The Psychic Society Part 1

Introduction Kurt Williamson sat in a dimly lit, white room on a metal folding chair and leaned against a long, folding table opposite a large wall mirror. He stared at his reflection and rubbed the brown stubble on his face and ran his fingers through his now non-regulation cut hair. 'When did I shave last?' … Continue reading The Psychic Society Part 1