BMCR Volume 2: First Assignment Part 3

Daryl, Gaines, and Poseidon ran after Baranski. She must have transformed into Slenderfoot, because it was hard to determine her path. They had to rely on the sounds of screams and gunfire. They only heard the ladder. "That way!" Gaines shouted. They ran in the direction he was pointing. It was a long hallway, no … Continue reading BMCR Volume 2: First Assignment Part 3

BMCR: Volume 2 Assignments 2

The elevator made a loud humming sound as it descended. It also had no light, so the four stood in darkness, lowering deeper into the pit of the Airport. Daryl looked to the buttons, but in the dark he couldn't see any. "What floor did you press, Gaines?" he asked. "I didn't," said Gaines. "Poseidon, … Continue reading BMCR: Volume 2 Assignments 2

BMCR: Volume 2 First Assignments

(photo belongs to Mike Sinko) Daryl shook awake. Either the helicopter's descent had woken him up or it was the feet of his comrade across from him kicking him. Whatever it was, it was no more startling than seeing a giant horse statue with glowing red eyes staring back at you. "Yikes!" he said as … Continue reading BMCR: Volume 2 First Assignments

St. Michael Mainstreet

It was a icy, rainy day, when Father Abraham ducked into Jose's Quick Trims for a haircut. He shook his black felt hat outside before entering. A little bell dinged as he crossed the threshold and set his hat on a coat rack next to service desk. The lady behind the counter smiled. Father smiled … Continue reading St. Michael Mainstreet