Hey all,

I haven’t been on here in a while, but I’m going to change that. My writing craft is about to get even better. I am working on another novel, while also learning how to craft novels with richer plots.

IMG_0138.JPGThe Mothman Reborn comic that I have been working on for a year will be done this summer. I foresee at least 2 following issues.

I am currently working on a follow-up series for The Mothman, featuring other cryptid creatures who together capture monsters to save the human race.

My plans also include reworking Loner, The Psychic Society, and The Golems of Lodz for publication after I have learned what I need to learn from these books.

I am also going to start posting on here regularly like a blog.

You may have noticed the change for WolfSalad’s landing page. Spread the word about Ed; I’m not sure how many know about it, but once I finish my other works, they will be published here as well.

I plan on going through my writing prompts book and posting here. I would love if you’d join me and even post your responses in the comments.

Thanks for supporting me,






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