BMCR: Boot Camp 4

Bureau of Monster Capture and Rehabilitation Volume 1: Boot Camp By Wulfric Van Howlietzer Chapter 3: The Loch Ness Monster The waters rocked with the wind. Heavy clouds threatened with thunder and flashes of lightning--the loch foamed; it was abnormal. Captain O'Malia took a look at his watch. His ship Merry Weather had a voyage … Continue reading BMCR: Boot Camp 4

Frost Wraith

Annabelle sat at the family piano in the great hall. The candles lit; the chandelier, glistening, spreading the light, revealing the room to any onlooker. There were none, however, though even if there were, their presence would be lost in the music. Annabelle‚Äôs nimble fingers gently rapt the keys melodiously, her prodigious skill echoing in … Continue reading Frost Wraith