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Hey all, I haven’t been on here in a while, but I’m going to change that. My writing craft is about to get even better. I am working on another novel, while also learning how to craft novels with richer plots. The Mothman Reborn comic that I have been working on for a year will

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Me Today

I was listening to Demon Hunter today for the first time in a long time, and I said a prayer to God. Inside I felt his presence, which is great, but also a tad detrimental. Life is full of highs and lows, and unfortunately to live life by feelings is erroneous. It may feel that

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Going to Boot Camp

Hi everyone! I want to begin apologizing for not finishing The Psychic Society. It is still a work in progress and I may get another chapter up before I leave. I joined the National Guard in January. Feeling very depressed about my life and how I use nearly every penny I make on student loans,

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I’m sure that when you landed on my page, you were astonished to see the heading there: Howlietzer Publishing.
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