Fiction based on cryptids and paranormal beings–soon to be best-selling books! WRITING SERVICES available for those who enjoy my work!


I’m sure that when you landed on my page, you were astonished to see the heading there: Howlietzer Publishing. It is my goal to write beautifully crafted stories, blogs, copy and any sort of writing that your business may need in a pinch.

I come with a bachelors of arts in writing and my speciality, and penchant, is in supernatural fiction. However, I have expanded my skill set to include copywriting, proposal writing, technical writing, marketing, and blog writing.

What I bring to the table? I’m intensely creative. I don’t settle for cliche garbage you can get from any novice writer. I am a clever individual with a desire to experiment and break barriers in the copy industry. You’ll never be bored with something that comes from my unique mind.

Take some time to read through my portfolio and decide that I am the right writer for your company’s needs.

See the Unseen; Do the UnImaginable

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