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I’m the writer who’s absolutely hooked on all things paranormal. Think swirling mists, forgotten lore, monsters, ghosts, and secret societies. If it’s got magic and aliens, I’m all about it.

But I don’t just write fiction of the strange and macabre. With an adept understanding of technical writing, copywriting, and digital marketing, I know how to get a message across–whether it’s breaking down complex topics or selling an idea with flair.

Also, I love Adobe Indesign! From shaping a story or copy to making a gorgeous printed presentation, I’ve got the knack to back up my words. 

Combining my writing skills with digital marketing insights, I ensure my content isn’t just fun to read but also reaches the right people.

Looking for a paranormal experience? Need a bit of copy for your next ad campaign? Or do you just want to shat about the strange things that go bump in the night? Email me at howlietzer@gmail.com. Put BUSINESS in the subject line.

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