The Difference Between Bigfoot and the Mongolian Death Worm

The Mongolian death worm is a creature of folklore originating from the peoples of the Gobi desert. It is reported to travel under the sands, stalking its prey, and can discharge both electricity or venom, from a distance, killing instantly. It is supposedly so venomous that to touch it is instant death. Roy Chapman Andrews, … Continue reading The Difference Between Bigfoot and the Mongolian Death Worm


First Encounter: March 1995 in Puerto Rico, 8 sheep were found dead, and most peculiarly they were found with three puncture marks in their chests. It was reported they were drained of blood. Weeks later, an eyewitness described the creature with the following description: Description: Reptilian creature with spines funning down the top of its head to … Continue reading Chupacabra

The Sea Monk

The sea monk is a legendary creature that inhabits Scandinavian waters as well as farther east. It was rumoured to have control over storms. Description: a cloak of scales, greatly resembling a monk, but with an ugly face. The Story: The Smithsonian Magazine dug up research from Renaissance Europe: Sometime between 1545 and 1550, the peculiar sea … Continue reading The Sea Monk


The zombie has risen in popularity over the years, much in part to The Walking Dead series. These zombies are depicted as humans who, after death, rise to feast upon the living. The zombies in The Walking Dead maintain the slow, shuffling walk from earlier incarnations of the zombie, but before The Walking Dead, there … Continue reading Zombie