I was told that this would happen.

That this was how it was to be.

I was also told that I could choose,

And find a place that’s right for me.


A place that gives me what I need

And everything that I desire.

A place where I was told to run,

And feed my internal fire.


I find that you had lied to me,

And now I’m feeling stung.

How could you fill me with such delight,

And then strike me with your wicked tongue.


How dare you!


The time it took for me to see

All the lies you said to me

Have left me bleeding



My head is cracked

And I feel the strain.

The words you said

Caress my brain.

But my experience expressed

A different pain.


I curse your thoughts and what you fed to me.

But I know you only thought the best would be.


If that were true,

Then what would we do?

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