BMCR: Boot Camp 5

Bureau of Monster Capture and Rehabilitation Volume 1: Boot Camp by Wulfric Van Howlietzer Chapter 4: Slenderfoot? The Siberian wastelands stood resolute. The frigid tundra scarcely made a peep; peaceful as it might appear, the frosty calm buried something sinister under the snow. Twenty feet below the terrain, a secret military compound furthered the extraordinary … Continue reading BMCR: Boot Camp 5

St. Michael Mainstreet

It was a icy, rainy day, when Father Abraham ducked into Jose's Quick Trims for a haircut. He shook his black felt hat outside before entering. A little bell dinged as he crossed the threshold and set his hat on a coat rack next to service desk. The lady behind the counter smiled. Father smiled … Continue reading St. Michael Mainstreet