BMCR: Boot Camp 4

Bureau of Monster Capture and Rehabilitation Volume 1: Boot Camp By Wulfric Van Howlietzer Chapter 3: The Loch Ness Monster The waters rocked with the wind. Heavy clouds threatened with thunder and flashes of lightning--the loch foamed; it was abnormal. Captain O'Malia took a look at his watch. His ship Merry Weather had a voyage … Continue reading BMCR: Boot Camp 4

The Witch Doctor: Part 2

Thump! Lance awoke from his daydream and spun around to look out his back window. Nothing was there, but he was sure he felt something... His hand instinctively put the car in drive and he returned to the parking space, opened his door and stepped out to investigate. As he walked behind the vehicle, all he … Continue reading The Witch Doctor: Part 2