The Witch Doctor: Part 2

Thump! Lance awoke from his daydream and spun around to look out his back window. Nothing was there, but he was sure he felt something... His hand instinctively put the car in drive and he returned to the parking space, opened his door and stepped out to investigate. As he walked behind the vehicle, all he … Continue reading The Witch Doctor: Part 2

The Witch Doctor: Part 1

Lance McElroy trudged to his car. He never felt so humiliated in all his life. The girl of his dreams, his boss, Talia Roberts, was engaged... to his best friend Paul no less. Sure they had been dating for three years, but they fought everyday. That couldn't be good for a relationship, right? Lance really … Continue reading The Witch Doctor: Part 1

Splitzo Frenetica: Chapter 5

Sunny Chapman For the good of my mind, body, and soul, I must get rid of these other personalities… That’s what Dr. Kinless said. I guess I agree. I would love to have my time back. I find that when I black out, sometime I lose a whole day. Not to mention sometimes there is … Continue reading Splitzo Frenetica: Chapter 5