Air Rods: Atmospheric Beasts

First Encounter: Jose Escamilla first captured Rod footage in Roswell, New Mexico in 1994. Since then he has led a team to figure out what these things actually are. They seem to be given a certain level of credibility, but without a specimen to look at, no one can determine what type of anomaly rods are.

Description: Atmospheric disturbance that looks like a living thing. Usually with undulating fin or wing movement. Long shapes. Also called Skyfish and atmospheric beasts. Sometimes can look like animals. These rods can only be seen when a video is slowed down or in photographs when they are present because they are fast and difficult to detect with the human eye.

Close study of air rod films revealed a number of very interesting features. As these rods zoomed about, they displayed all the features of three-dimensional objects. In other words, they were not two-dimensional blotches on the camera lens or on the film itself, but something out there in the environment that was actually being filmed by accident. This three-dimensional nature of air rods has been proven without a doubt by the types of measurements and tests that only professionals can do. Careful measurements showed that most rods were between four inches and three feet long. They seemed like uniform cylinders without any difference between the head end and tail end, with pairs of appendages along the length of this cylinder.

Flying_Rod_InsecrTheories: Electromagnetic Flux;  Undiscovered 5th phase of matter; Insects; Birds; Errors in Film processing


Crawfordsville Monster 1891

On September 5, 1891, the Crawfordsville Journal reported that two ice delivery men sighted “a strange phenomenon” that hovered in the air above their location, describing it as a “horrible apparition” that “filled them with dread.” A similar sighting was reported by a Methodist pastor and his wife. The Crawfordsville Journal described it as “about eighteen feet long and eight feet wide and moved rapidly through the air by means of several pairs of side fins. It was pure white and had no definite shape or form, resembling somewhat a great white shroud fitted with propelling fins. There was no tail or head visible but there was one great flaming eye, and a sort of a wheezing plaintive sound was emitted from a mouth which was invisible. It flapped like a flag in the winds as it came on and frequently gave a great squirm as though suffering unutterable agony.” According to interviews conducted years later by Crawfordsville reporter and Fortean Society member Vincent Gaddis, hundreds of residents observed the phenomenon on the following evening, with some claiming they could feel the monster’s “hot breath” as it swooped over them.


Air Rods

Air Rods

Crawfordsville Monster

Crawfordsville Monster

UFO Rods


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