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I have never seen A more interesting being One that frightens so. Its leathery flying, Of course I’m implying, A creature of nighttime flow.   It is a bat. Like putting wings on a rat And they come in different sizes Some large, some small Though none of them at all Are warlocks under disguises

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Spinning Webs

Tempting though it may be To spin a web so elegantly, I have to stop and wonder What use does it have for me?   Those ones in my life Who love to provide Some wondrous, fantastic, ugly lie To keep me by their side.   It’s a wonder they don’t have eight legs, To

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Different Species

I drink the flavored milk that remains of my cereal, checking my watch to make sure I’m not late. Out of the corner of my eye I see you there alone as I am.   Why are you alone? You look like a butterfly. Flutter by those who fly gracefully.   I am no such

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Puppet on the Devil’s Strings

On the outside You’re painted white To hide your imperfections You hide it well But time will tell The luster of your lessons   Though I may see It’s not just me Others have found you out While darkness falls Light still crawls Time to scan your amount   Pain and suffering mark this world

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Perfect for Me

Who is the girl for me? What will she be like? Something unimaginable I suppose For I have no idea what to see   I picture a bride, Who deep down inside Wants to cut me to pieces! Adrenaline rushes, I must defend. In the end, We tame each other of those wild habits.  

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Best Friends

You, who know me best The jokes we share together. We are separate on occasion, But you know me best   Why is it we connect? Are we twins of different births and mothers? Could such a thing happen? Let alone exist?   We exist, That is enough for suggestion. Calming effects occur when you’re

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I’m sure that when you landed on my page, you were astonished to see the heading there: Howlietzer Publishing.
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