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Friday Fictioneer 12/14/12 My kids got me a laptop for Christmas last year and I haven’t really had too many problems until I got my Facebook page. It’s really a neat idea. I can connect with old friends, but I can also get horrible viruses. I opened up a message from someone I don’t know.

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Reality is a Construction

Reality is a construction of dos and don’t, wills and won’t, lines and boundaries, obstacles and quandaries.   What is real  and what is not? A line that’s drawn and potential locked, buried inside  and left to rot, never remembered forever forgot.   A dream that died, never achieved. Spoken lies, that you believed. You

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Sever that which brings illness. If the heart is infected, Rip it out. It is better to rip it out Than to wait for the offender to mend it.   Sever that which brings disagreement. If a man tramples his relations In order to maintain superiority, He shall be separated like the chaff.   Sever

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In a grassy meadow, on a lush hill, under a tree that had seen many springs before this one, sat a boy and a girl.   They sat on a blanket covered in shade and pondered God’s creation.   “What is beauty?” asked the girl, “How does it affect me?” The boy took a second

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In Response to Your Headaches

In your life there will be days When you wish that things Would never change. Growing up Can be a pain And when it rains It certainly pours.   Life will make you sore. It rarely gives And mostly takes. You see your mistakes And the places they trace And all that leads Is another

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I was told that this would happen. That this was how it was to be. I was also told that I could choose, And find a place that’s right for me.   A place that gives me what I need And everything that I desire. A place where I was told to run, And feed

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I’m sure that when you landed on my page, you were astonished to see the heading there: Howlietzer Publishing.
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