Update on Spring-Heeled Jack

Hey all! Some of you may be wondering about the next part of Spring-Heeled Jack; the next part will be up soon, but not this weekend (obviously) I want it to be the best it can be. My original thought was to make all these short stories surrounding the main characters of my upcoming book … Continue reading Update on Spring-Heeled Jack

The Curse of Spring-Heeled Jack part 3

WARNING: THERE IS A SEXUAL SCENE NEAR THE END. JUST A HEADS UP https://youtu.be/WLUrnxRKxIY Henry’s grandfather was a chiselled man, strengthened by hard work and experience, his white hair cut short, military-style, his face clean-shaven, every day he caressed his face with a single blade, raking the hairs clean off and he expected Henry to … Continue reading The Curse of Spring-Heeled Jack part 3