Going to Boot Camp

Hi everyone!

I want to begin apologizing for not finishing The Psychic Society. It is still a work in progress and I may get another chapter up before I leave. 

I joined the National Guard in January. Feeling very depressed about my life and how I use nearly every penny I make on student loans, I needed a change. I needed something that would teach me a new skill and possibly lead to a job where I could move out of my parents house.

Some think it was stupid for me to join, but if you felt how I felt about living at home, you’d know why.

On another note, I have been struggling on what I should focus on for my next published work. I have been furiously trying to get Loner Volume 1: First Semester ready to be published and available for y’all. I don’t know when it will be ready; I’m shooting for having it fully written by 2014. 

Then onto Volume 2!

That’s what’s been occupying my time and why I haven’t posted anything lately. I hope you all can be patient a little longer while I figure myself and my situation out so I can get my get a better life underway.

Boot camp will be good for me. I gain discipline, courage, new skills and a better body. Pray for me that I’ll do well. I’ll be gone for 6 months. 

Hopefully after I get Loner finished, I can get back to The Psychic Society and the rest of the world I’m creating.

Thanks for reading,

Wulfric H. Howlietzer

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