Your Time Waster

It hurts, you know.

I feel like I didn’t matter at all.

Like I just wasted your time…

Or you wasted mine.

I’ll never forget you.

I think I let you hurt me more than most.

I hope I never let this happen again.

This pain is something else.

I feel sharp stabbings in my heart, where I kept you.

Daily thoughts of you have tortured my mind.

I need to let you go, but I don’t know how…

I hate myself…

I fall in love with potential.

I never let potential express itself into reality.

I’m dumb when it comes to love, but you taught me something.

I’m letting you go tonight.

I’m never speaking to you again.

You’ve made it clear I’m your time waster.

Your convenient friend…

Maybe I’m wrong about that…

Well if I’m wrong, prove it to me!






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