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I overheard s story of a young man (a Starbucks worker) talk about a Valentine’s day in high school where he went through an elaborate process of giving his girlfriend at the time a rose with a poem in every class.

Another barista there (female) said that was extra.

Maybe it was. Maybe he went overboard. Probably a single rose would have done. But if he did it out of love, then he was expressing just how much she meant to him…

I don’t know. I found her comment irritating, and I can see (I think) where she may be coming from, but it takes some logical acrobats to get there.

In the end it’s none of my business. Men and women really think differently. Men love to make GREAT gestures to show there feelings… I think I’ll stop there. I’m going to a bad place ?.

Maybe I’ll write my full feelings here or somewhere… I need great healing in my heart. Every time I think I’m ready to love again, something triggers me to a place of utmost bitterness that I need to just stop and clear my mind.

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