What I’m doing right now

Hi readers!

You’re probably not going to hear from me for a while. I was working on a novel that I sent to an editor. Like I hoped she ripped it apart. Criticism is a part of the game, but it really got me thinking. She didn’t like my style, and I believe that it has something to do with my use of comic style jokes.

Most of my writings are supposed to be comics. That’s what I’ve aimed for while writing, and it occurs to me that maybe I’m wasting my time writing novels when I should be writing comics.

I have something that I am working on. Many of you have read the Mothman story I posted here. Well that is a part of a bigger work and I am working on translating that into a comic script as well as the rest of my character stories. I wish to release them into an anthology called Book of Heroes. My goal is to finish it by the summer. Fingers crossed!

My only qualm is that paying an artist to render my work may be expensive, but I’ve decided instead of letting my fear dictate my dream, I would dive in and see what happens.

Something I would also like to mention. Keep me in your minds, not only for my work, but for MY mind. I have been under some poor thinking. I’ve let negative energies influence me to do some stupid stuff. Long story short, I hurt a woman I love. I’m very disgusted with myself and I need some prayer and healing. I wish to take back my mind and lose these demons.

On that note, I am going to find a church (I recently moved) and get involved there.

I wanted to put this out there, because I really need the prayer and I hope if all those who follow me and read my work would do me this favor. In return, I hope to keep you in my prayers if there is anything I can pray for you. Email me at wolfsalad77@gmail.com

I’m sure I’ll get a lot of spam, but I will filter through it, promise 🙂

Thanks for believing in me, and take care,

S. T. Hatlaban






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