‘Where are you going? Weren’t you going to destroy Kevin, his family and the rest of this shit-hole town?’

‘I’m not going to do that,’ thought Daryl, ‘I’m going back to my body and I’m never doing this again.’

‘Our body, you mean,’ it said, ‘You can’t get rid of me now, and I can control you and everything myself if I have to.’

“I won’t let you,” Daryl said aloud.

‘Oh? You really think so? Your body is as good as mine. You’re weak! It’s why that Holler kid picked on you so bad. You couldn’t do what needed to be done because you’re a scared little bitch. When we get back to my body, I’m locking you up so tight in my subconscious that even in my dreams I won’t hear your insignificant bitching.’

…”You really think so?”

Daryl saw his body right where they left it. With a flash of light, they entered inside. Daryl found himself in an empty white room.

“Hello, Daryl,” said a voice behind him.

Daryl turned around to see a light-blue man standing behind him, with large black eyes and slits for nostrils. His arms and legs were long, with three digits on each. His mouth was large with great sharp teeth.

Daryl smirked. “You must be the jerk who hi-jacked my body. What’s your name?”

“You don’t need to know that. You’ll be locked up in here forever.”

“Not if I lock you up first,” said Daryl.

The being laughed. “I am intelligence! I know more about the mind than anyone else. What makes you think you can beat me?”

“I spend enough time in my head,” said Daryl, “I think I take you.”

“I will miss your misguided notions.”

The being changed into its white, red-eyed form; it’s mandible chattering like a hungry bug.

Daryl grinned as he turned into the black form he took on at the Holler house.

“Cute. Your pitiful form vs. mine. Ready to lose yourself, boy?”

“Shut up and fight, body snatcher!”

Daryl’s hands grew and stretched, gripping the creature inside. It burned and Daryl released him quickly.

It had changed into a spiny ball of fire. Unrolling itself, it changed its hands into missile launchers, shooting enormous ionic orbs towards Daryl.

Daryl shrank and twisted around them, moving closer. The being’s arms shifted again into swords, slashing out at him. Daryl’s left arm became a large shield. He pushed forward as the being jumped over the shield and cutting Daryl’s back.

Daryl winced. “Had enough?” said the being.

“You wish!”

Daryl threw his shield at the being. It dodged. Daryl raised his fists and shot ionic darts out of his knuckles. The being charged forward with his own shield, catching the darts like a giant board. Then Daryl’s shield hit him in the back of the head, sending him forward into Daryl enlarged fists.

The being, fallen and dented, stood up as if unphased. “You show a lot of promise. But that means nothing if you’re gone.”

“Funny,” said Daryl, panting, “I was going to say the same thing.”

Daryl’s knees shook. He felt weaker somehow. And why did the being look like he was getting bigger?

“You alright?” asked the being, smiling.

“I’m fine!” said Daryl, defiantly, “Just worry about yourself.”

Daryl’s hands elongated and sharpened as he charged into the being, slashing and tearing into its shadowy body, but to no avail. It wasn’t affecting him at all, and the whole time he seemed to be growing.

“You amuse me, Daryl Leroy Kerns. You can’t hurt me that way. It is pointless for you to continue. Just give up.”

“I won’t give up!” Daryl tore into the being, again and again, ripping and shredding through the shadowy body as quickly as he could, but it was useless. Its body reassembled and linked and fastened together as if a master seamstress was hard at work fixing a ravaged rag doll.

Daryl grew extremely tired from all of this, and though he was causing the most damage, the being grew bigger with every strike.

“Have you figured it out yet, Daryl?” asked the being, his mouth wide and eyes calculating, “I’ll just tell you then: the longer we fight, the greater my hold on you. I have been absorbing your life force, your spiritual essence. Soon I will have undisputed control over your body and you will be a distant speck of memory deep in my subconscious.”

Daryl’s face filled with terror. It had been a distraction the entire time. This battle was nothing but a time-waster, allowing the being to assimilate into Daryl’s body.

“Too bad you’re too exhausted to do anything about it,” it said, creating a large ball of energy in its hands. “Any last words before your soul is disintegrated?”

“I’m not done yet!” Daryl shouted.

“Stupid boy,” said the being throwing the ball at Daryl. The ball of energy passed right through and Daryl felt some of his strength returning.

“What?!” shouted the being, “You… You should be gone.” It created another ball and threw it, but Daryl only absorbed it. Comprehension dawned on Daryl’s face.

“You miscalculated, creature,” said Daryl, smiling, “You may have been absorbing my essence and gaining control of my body, but it seems its a two-way street. Now that I know what to do, I think I will be taking my body back now.”

The being smiled. “You’re so naive. Just because you know the trick doesn’t mean you can replicate it. Try it! I dare you!”

“Since you asked so nicely…”

Daryl ripped into the being again with his claws, this time taking a great chunk out of it. The being screamed at the touch and fell. Again Daryl ripped and tore into the being, tearing out chunks and strips, absorbing them and growing until the being was nothing but a head.

“Please,” said the being, “Have mercy on me!”

Daryl smiled his wide toothy smile. “No,” he said, and opening his mouth he swallowed what remained of the being.

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