The Mothman Reborn Part 2

Daryl huffed as he ran as fast as he could towards home, but he couldn’t help but be a little distracted by the buildings as he passed by. Point Pleasant, West Virginia, home of the Mothman and his… prophecies… and also the home of the annual Mothman Festival. Shop owners were busy hanging mothman streamers and flags. One owner had brought out a mothman statue made out of toothpicks.

‘Focus,’ thought Daryl, ‘Must get home before Kevin finds me.’

Daryl ran; he ran until his muscles felt like jelly, ready to fall off his aching bones. He was getting close. He was just outside of town, close to the abandoned power plant where the mothman was supposed to reside. Daryl stopped, looking left and right, he didn’t see any sign of Kevin. His head turned toward the power plant, its red brick, smoky from the years of disuse, windows broken and angry-looking with crooked teeth of glass and metal, boarded up doors, and lot of discarded materials littering the overgrown grass.

It looked so desolate and lonely…


Daryl’s glasses fell off and his teeth rattled as he felt a fist connect to back of his head. Tumbling forward, Daryl caught himself before falling to the ground face first, but not before stepping on his fallen lenses.

Kevin laughed. “Oops! That’s too bad; I bet a nigger like you can’t afford a new pair of glasses, huh?”

Daryl turned around, eyes watering, all of his strength forced upon them to keep from crying.

“Awe, you going to cry?” said Kevin, “Let me help you!”

He punched Daryl again in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him. As Daryl leaned forward, Kevin kicked him in the face. Blood, Daryl tasted blood as he fell to the ground, and felt little bursts of air escape his mouth as Kevin kicked him repeatedly in the stomach.

Daryl tried to cover his head and chest, but he felt his fingers and wrist crack under the relentless assault, eventually he stopped trying and passed out…

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