The Plot Whisperer: Prompt 6


Affirmation Prompt:

I believe in an abundance of all things. Everything I commit to in life, I get. I commit to keep writing until I finish my story.

Today I write.

Plot Prompt:

The thematic significance of a story shows what all the words in each scene add up to. At its best, the significance of a story connects each reader and audience member to a bigger picture through a wider complex of thoughts and relationships that exist outside the story.

The thematic significance of a story is a statement illustrated and supported by the writing. Until you know your story and what your story conveys, stick to discovering the various themes. Every story communicates its own unique pattern of themes and ideas.

Writing Prompt:

Themes emerge while you’re writing your scenes. Support the concepts in scenes through the use of mood and tone, voice and word choices, metaphors and similes, and details.

Match the tone and pace of the scenes you write with the story themes. A bleak story about revenge moves at a different pace and with a different tone than does a hopeful story about redemption.

Show the protagonist doing something she is good at as it relates to the overall plot. See what happens. Write that.


He strode confidently down main street towards Point Pleasant High School, his arms swang at his side, head bobbing, plugged into his phone listening to Thunder by Imagine Dragons.

He strut. Adjusting his glasses as they slid down his nose, and pushing his poofy curls away from his vision.

It wasn’t long before he opened up the double doors, following the herd of students corraling into the open halls of lockers and open classroom doors.

Daryl smiled at his friends as he walked the halls to his locker. He was now a senior: his last year… He felt a little sad, but things weren’t going to change that much. He would still be around. The town still needed their resident super hero.

In his freshman year, Daryl passed an ordeal that turned him into the Mothman. He had had some scuffles with villains, these four years of school, but now he would be able to focus more on his hero work.

He had plans of attending Point Pleasant Community College, in pursuit of a journalism BA. He figured just like Superman, he would know where the action was at any time he was needed.

Daryl opened his locker. On the inside he had photos of his lair at the abandoned powerplant, and pictures of him with Samantha, his best friend, and other Mothman newsclippings.

He glanced at several unopened envelops at the top of his locker. All from more prestigious schools across the US…

‘Daryl,’ came the cool voice of Kinder, ‘I really wish you would reconsider your choice in college. Point Pleasant is fine, but you have more potential… You need to go somewhere new.’

Daryl let out a low laugh. He seemed to do that more and more lately when Kinder gave him advice.

‘Kinder,’ Daryl thought, ‘Point Pleasant needs a hero…’

‘No they don’t! It’s bad enough every Mothman Festival you make an appearance, but ever since that paranormal investigator, Point Pleasant hasn’t had any real threats. I’d wager she wasn’t really a threat at all. You were just dragging things out.’

Daryl closed his locker, a couple of books in his hand for English class.

‘Hey, she was a real menace! It was a good thing I was here to stop her from destroying the city.’

‘You were in the woods…’

‘Yeah, Flatwood Woods. We both know that place is spooky.’

“Hi Daryl,” said a dark-haired young girl walking up to him.

Daryl paused.

“Are you talking to Kinder? You have that look on your face.”


Kinder linked her in. ‘Yes he is, and he is being rather ridiculous. I can’t convince him to go any where but, ugh, Point Pleasant Community.’

‘Seriously? Daryl, there’s no reason to stay here.’

‘Well, what about you? I though you were staying here?’ Daryl thought.

“Oh hell no!” Samantha said a little too loudly. She cringed at her own volume as others turned and stared at them.

‘No, Daryl, I plan on leaving as soon as I walk off that stage.’

‘Where!?’ He tried very hard to conceal his feelings, but it was incredibly hard in the ether.

She looked at him. “I don’t know. Somewhere. I need to go some place else. That’s all I know.”

She turned away. “I’ll see you after school.”

Daryl looked down. His grip on his books slipped and he adjusted them.

‘Daryl, there is nothing here for you. The city has police officers…’

‘Kinder, I’m the Mothman. I have to be here for the city.’


**Aside– I guess this didn’t really deal with the pompt but it just kind of came out. I think I already posted something similar to this… Oh well… 🙂






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