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The Plot Whisperer: Prompt 3

Affirmation Prompt: 

Blind faith leads me to believe that words flow effortlessly every day. My part is simply to sit down and write.

Today I write.

Plot Prompt:

A character pursuing her goal does not by herself create action that is dramatic. What creates drama is her encounter with obstacles that interfere with her movement toward that goal. That’s especially true when the character stands to lose something significant if she’s unable to reach her goal.

The most exciting and dramatic relationships in stories are those that involve an antagonist. Antagonists interfere with the protagonist’s quest for her goal. They create obstacles, confusion, and diversions. Scenes between the protagonist and her antagonist(s) create tension, conflict, and curiosity. Readers turn the pages faster when reading scenes that involve a formidable antagonist or the possibility of one showing up. Plot such a scene on your plot planner.

Writing Prompt:

Your protagonist takes the next step toward her short-term goal. Write moment-by-moment action as someone or something stands in her way and interferes with her getting what she wants.

Take time to introduce this new character. Show the character in such a way that the reader will remember and differentiate between this character, the protagonist, and all the other characters to come. Assign the character a foible, a quirk, special clothing, abilities, a physical trait, and/or a distinctive speaking style.

Use dialogue

It the protagonist has a special ability, show a hint of what it is now.

I like this prompt and perhaps I will revisit it, but I have been having a hard time these past days for personal reasons. What I would like to do is write a little bit about one of my antagonists in the story I am writing right now.

Theodore “Ted” Baxter (last name subject to change)

Ted is a mischievous character who enjoys testing others and, specifically, watching them fall/fail.

He is a character from a story called Loner, and he will be joining the Class 001 of the BMCR (all my stories take place in the same universe).

The scene that I am thinking about right now, the scene I was trying to write, involves day 1 of their training.

It takes place in a classroom, chairs around the room against the wall, no desks. Drill instructor walks in and tells the class to take seats. She goes over the training they are about to endure, and has the group go around in the circle and stand up and introduce themselves.

The first meeting for Daryl and Ted happens here. They have been briefed on why they are at Fort Wichmann, and Daryl is introducing himself.

He tells them that when he studied mothman and that he was a paranormal investigator. Ted interrupts him and begins to poke fun of him.

That’s really as far as I have gotten with their interactions.


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