The Plot Whisperer: Prompt 1

Affirmation Prompt:

I willingly expand and reach outward with my writing and, at the same time, contract and pull inward for answers and calm. The balance within me is perfect. (close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.)

Today I write.

Plot Prompt:

Your protagonist wants something. Her desires and needs create her long-term goal (something she either thinks she can have or that she cannot have). Your protagonist’s short- and long-term goals create scenes showing the steps she takes forward toward the completion of her goal or how she is pushed backward away from success.

Often, the protagonist’s long-term goal is implied at the beginning of stories rather than fixed. Dramatic action causes the protagonist to react, which, in turn, forms her first stated or overt goal. Characters need definable action through which to express their emotions.

Mark on a Plot Planner for your story a scene in which the protagonist establishes a short- and/or long-term goal.

Writing Prompt:

Write a scene that shows your main character taking action toward her goal. For instance, she looks through the want ads for a job or a partner, attempts to solve a mystery, tries to write a book, attempts to get from one place to another, or something else. Whatever you write should clearly illustrate your protagonist’s voice and her attitude. If she is the narrator, the writing should reveal her inner voice as well as her external one.

Daryl looked at the clock. It was 2:30 pm; it was his senior year at Point Pleasant High School, and his home room teacher was droning on about the importance of going getting all your credentials ready for college entry.

Daryl looked back at his notebook. It was filled with doodles, lyrics, notes… he was drawing his alter-ego, the mothman, giving it different weapons for hands.

‘Daryl,’ said Kinder, the left over of the dark entity that bestowed him the mothman legacy, ‘I really think you should listen to Mrs “”. You need to reconsider your future plans.’

‘Kinder,’ thought Daryl, ‘I have this all figured out. I’m going to Point Pleasant Community. I’m pursuing a degree in graphic design, and I’m going to work for The Mothman Chronicle, making article layouts. I’ll be able to stay here in Point Pleasant and take care of the community, just like I’ve always done.’

‘Daryl, you may think you’re some kind of superhero, like bat-millionaire or spider-neighbor, but Point Pleasant doesn’t need a superhero.’

‘Of course they do, Kinder. I’m the symbol of Point Pleasant. I’m not just a superhero, I bring jobs here. Think of how big the town has gotten since I started doing the Mothman Festival.’

‘That is another subject I’ve been meaning to bring up. We need to stop doing it. We are in danger of being discovered.’

‘Kinder, people already know we exist. All I’m doing is finding a way to pay for college.’

‘You’ve received scholarships from ivy-league schools…’


Daryl clenched his fist and broke the pencil in his hand. The snap of wood was very noticeable, and as the teacher had already spotted him doodling for the umpteenth time, she was rounding the corner to bring him back to the present.

“Mr. Kerns! I know that you have one of the highest GPA’s in the school, but even you could learn about the importance of college entrance.”

“I’ve already been accepted,” said Daryl,  picking pencil splinters out of his palm.

“Oh…” she said, “Where?”

“I’m just going to Point Pleasant Community,” he said, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.

The class was quiet, and Mrs. “” mouth dropped like a dead fish.

“Point Pleasant Community? There? You could go anywhere!”

‘See what I mean?’ said Kinder.

“Why go anywhere, when everything I want is right here,” Daryl said.

The class laughed as the bell rang. It was 3 pm.


(the block quotes are taken from The Plot Whisperer Book of Writing Prompts)



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