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The Frequency of Work

Hello everyone!

Today I want to share a writer’s tip I discovered recently when it comes to writer’s block. Often writer’s block happens when I put too much pressure on writing something amazing or getting something right in one day. As writers, we all know that the first version is not the best version.

Now what I’m about to suggest to you may not be something that you are open to, but I find that it helps me get that pinpoint focus to drown out the ‘what-ifs’ that induce writer’s block. I listen to a Youtube video titled: Hyper Focus – Focus Music – Increase Focus, Concentration, Memory – Binaural Beats.

For me, writer’s block comes at a time when I don’t want to be disciplined; when I don’t want to do the things I said I would do. I’m determined to be a man of my word, but my mind always tries to trick me into settling for nothing. I urge everyone who wants to be a writer to write every day, even if it hurts. That’s why I use this because it hurts less.

According to an Examined Existence article, there are 5 different brain wave frequencies. I have a link to their article below for further research. The video’s description claims to be a “20 Hz Beta Binaural Beats Concentration / Focus” frequency.

brain-wave-statesWhen it says Binaural, that means use headphones.

This chart created by Be Brain Fit, the beta frequency is the awake frequency, allowing for alert consciousness.

Now, this is where I get freaky, so forgive me if you’re not weird (I can’t help you with that). I allow the frequency to resonate through my body, visualizing my whole body vibrating at 20 Hz. I personally think it helps; it at least kills the limiting thoughts that try to crush my writing.

I recommend trying it the next time you feel writer’s block set in.

Thanks for reading, and if you’d like me to write more on brain frequencies, comment below. It’s a deep interest of mine and I would love to write about it.


Examined Existence

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