(And I thought it might be good to put the story below)

The autumn air chilled the parking lot of West Hampton Art Gallery. Stepping out its main doors, into the full moon light, was a couple dressed in suit and gown. This night was a soiree of wealthy art aficionados, buying at auction the most interesting of dead artist’s work. The couple, the Gaines, had bought a couple of items and were expecting them in the morning sometime around 10 am.

Her arm rested on his elbow as he escorted her down the stone steps of the gallery. A lovely couple, the Gaines, and just as wealthy as the rest of those in attendance. 

Mr Edward Gaines ran one of the most successful shipping companies in the United States, Gaines Shipping, and though he didn’t know art, he knew what he liked, and that was Mrs Gaines. 

A lovely lady indeed, she became quickly settled into a life of luxury soon after school. Her father wasn’t too keen on Edward but conceded that he could make her happy. And happy she was, travelling to galleries and buying up pieces that would liven up their humdrum two-story mansion in Northern California.

It was a beautiful spot, surrounded by good friends and family, they had no want of anything. They had a son named Henry, who was a good boy, though perhaps a bit wild, but he would soon grow out of that. He would be attending Harvard college next fall. His life was well planned and after he finished his degree, he would rise through the ranks Gaines Shipping and continue growing the legacy.

“Did you buy every piece you wanted, darling?” said Mr Gaines, as he opened the door to their current year model Porche. 

She smiled. “Yes! Everything was delightful. I do wish I could have gotten that Clown Painting by Gacy. That would have been marvellous in our bedroom.”

Mr Gaines cringed at the thought. That painting was absolutely horrid. “Ah yes! I liked that one too. It is a shame we were outbid.”

The couple drove down the winding road back to the highway. Little did they know, they were about to find their home in a right peculiar state.

“Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug, wooooooooooo,” shouted the teens as Henry downed a 22 ounce as quickly as possible. They stood on the back deck of the mansion, chugging down 22 ouncers to see who puked first. Out of his group of 5, Henry downed 3 before everyone else started tossing their stomachs on the pristine mahogany deck.

Henry stumbled, watching his friends lose it made him laugh. “Y’all are a bunch of pussies,” he said and then immediately he puked as well.

“Dude?” said a friend, “Are you alright?” 

“Yeah man,” said Henry. “Now I have room for more.”

He stood back up, knees shaking, but the cooler was in sight and he had his eye on another beer until something else crossed his eye. Cindy Hillmyer just walked by. And she looked good in her short skirt. She couldn’t get away with teasing him like that. Not at his party.

He straightened himself up and followed after her into the house. 

“Cindy,” he called out, “Hey!”

She turned around and smiled. 

“So, hey, I was just admiring your shirt there,” he said placing his hand on the wall blocking her. “I think it’s a piece of art.”

“You, like my shirt?”

“Yeah,” said Henry. “I think it would look great hanging in my room. I was wondering if you’d like to join me upstairs for a bit.”

He grabbed her wrist. “Your skirt would look nice on my floor.”

Henry thought he was charming, but it had the opposite effect on Cindy.

“Henry, you’re repulsive,” she said, “I can’t believe you’re talking to me like that.”

“Hey, you’re the one dressed like that. You should probably wear something a little less slutty if you don’t want guys to talk to you…”

“Are you doing alright, Cindy?” a kid from Henry’s class, Michael sideled up next to them. He wasn’t really big. Couldn’t believe he was cock blocking him, Henry Gaines.

“Michael, why don’t you go find someone who gives a shit,” said Henry. 

Michael stood his ground.

“Oh, what? You think she would like you over me? I’m better than you, Michael Clayton!”

Henry lounged at him and fell over. Michael placed his foot on his back. 

“Get off me, you jack-ass!” 

Henry tried to push up but Michael had him pinned. “Are you going to cool it?” said Michael. 

“Fuck you!” said Henry.

And it was at that point that the Gaines mother and father walked inside to their trashed 2 story mansion…