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  • Night’s Reign

    Black… Dearest day that came from oblivion. Night was made. Which pierced the flesh with utter terror, Combing bare the soulless splendor of happiness long gone. Mindless staring, Hardly caring, Living softly upon the floor.  

  • Splitzo Frenetica: Chapter 1

    Welcome to the Psyche Ward Where am I? I had these episodes often. I would wake up, not knowing where I was or how I got there. I was fortunate, however, to always be found by a nurse. I never thought I could like a place like this… I remember the first day my parents…

  • Old Reopened Sorrow

    The wind blew with a savage eloquence, Whispering words that cut deep, Deeper than any blade before it. Snow swirling, dancing on the wind… Bitter cold… Piercing and stinging with delicate precision, Hitting sore places that had long ago healed.   The snow is bloody now. Crimson pools of sadness And Captured images of the…