BMCR: Boot Camp 1

Bureau of Monster Capture and Rehabilitation Volume 1: Boot Camp By Wulfric Van Howlietzer Prologue The skies blackened and rumbled overhead the Library of Congress in Washington DC. Rain. Thunder and lightning punctuated the splattering drops that pelted a black umbrella as it moved closer to the entrance. Underneath it, a gentleman muttered obscenities as he … Continue reading BMCR: Boot Camp 1

The Psychic Society: Chapter 5

Jillian stood outside the LaGuardia Airport, the sky darkened by black clouds, visibility blinded by sheets of pouring water. She pulled her coat tightly around her neck, relieving the unusual chill crawling down it. Her good for nothing brother had the audacity of not meeting her at the airport! And though it was comforting to have … Continue reading The Psychic Society: Chapter 5

The Curse of Spring-Heeled Jack Part 3

Bartholomew went to bed early that night, with an unshakeable, eerie feeling. There was something strange about that day after leaving Ms. Berkley's garden. He couldn't shake the feeling that something was watching him from the corners of his eyes, and when he turned to look, no one was there, like a ghost forever haunting … Continue reading The Curse of Spring-Heeled Jack Part 3