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Faithfulness Prayer

I pray for a heart full of faith; faith so strong that I will never shake. To trust in You, so firm and true, never to worry, agonize, or stew. I pray that my mind will always remember that You are with me, a bright, glowing ember, that burns in my soul, never to expire,

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Gentleness Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, for gentle hands, that my touch may be a second chance, to encourage others to look towards You, so that You can make them holy too. I pray, oh Lord, for gentle words, and never, my lips, speak unholy curse. Maintain my mind, and soften my heart, make me genuine and

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Self-Control Prayer

I pray for the will to follow you. I find it a hard passion to pursue. To resist the evil things I want to do, so that I can spend eternity with you. Though it is by grace I am saved, I want Your WILL before the grave. So fill my heart with your desires,

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