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fruits of the holy spirit

Peace Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, for your spirit to engulf humanity. That everyone would see each other without animosity, And give to one another, with open hearts, Help each other out, a world of counterparts, That live among one another, working […]

Love Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, to be rid of my darkened heart. Cast out the shadows, force the demons “depart!” I want real love to burn bright within. Not the kind that resulted from sin. The kind that built the world […]

Joy Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, that my heart will burst forth. Like an explosion of laughing girth! A heart that releases joy into the atmosphere. Helping others find their inner cheer. To bring life to those who are broken, To encourage […]

Kindness Prayer

I pray, oh Lord, for a softer touch. One non-judgemental, one not rushed. May my words encourage the fallen. May my actions spur on the downtrodden. May no evil spill from my lips; May I remain in forever kindness. I […]

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