Sever that which brings illness.

If the heart is infected,

Rip it out.

It is better to rip it out

Than to wait for the offender to mend it.


Sever that which brings disagreement.

If a man tramples his relations

In order to maintain superiority,

He shall be separated like the chaff.


Sever that which prescribes agony.

Lose the bad memories;

Remember the good.

In this way and many others,

Remember to smile.


Sever that which leads to normalcy.

Normalcy never led to prosperity.

Prosperity is reserved for those

Who wish to live right and

Live without fear.


Sever that which leads to dissension.

If those around are consumed by

Evil talk,

They shall only bring you down.


Sever that which brings illness and disagreement.

It will be for the best…


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