Book 1: Beckham Institute for Prodigies

Chapter 4: Making friends and Remote Viewing

The girls marched out of the student center in four lines led by Bonnie and Emma. Suzan thought it was embarrassing. The whole time she thought of a mother duck leading her ducklings. And if that wasn’t enough, Bonnie had them singing a marching song along the way. Emma seemed to be the only one actually singing, loudly, and enjoying it.

The other girls averted their eyes along the path, trying not to look at the guard, who smiled and laughed, as they marched to the east tower. Sadie’s face grew red as Bonnie’s voice grew louder, in hopes of more girls joining in, but the only thing that happened was that Emma’s voice grew louder, which now sounded more like screaming than singing. Eventually Bonnie stopped trying and Emma stopped screaming.

Upon reaching the east tower, Bonnie and Emma opened the double doors, leading the girls inside to a cosy, furnished lobby with couches and chairs and a stone fireplace. The girls squeezed as best as they could into the space, but because there were so many, they were shoulder to chest, elbow to knee as all 163 girls pushed and shoved into the tower.

“Ok, y’all,” said Bonnie as she took her place in the center of the room, “The firs part of the test is the written part. There are 1000 questions dealing in logic, mathematics, reading, spatial, pattern recognition, classification, and visualization.”

Sadie’s jaw dropped. One. Thou. Sand. Questions? She had never ever taken a test that big before.

“Will this take the entire day?” asked a very small girl near Suzan’s waist.

Bonnie couldn’t see her in the ocean of girls, but following her voice, she said, “It can, sweetie. But many of you will just breeze through it.”

Suzan had never been averse to tests, but she didn’t have full confidence in her mathematics skills. And around the room, she could feel the mixture of relief and horror from her classmates and it made her feel sick all over again. The first chance she got, she had to get some fresh air.

“Now to begin,” said Bonnie, “I want a line in front of me, and the first thirty-six will go to classroom 201. There I want you to pick a seat and sit there until I or Emma come to give you further instructions.”

The girls lined up as best they could (being more like clumps than a line), and Suzan pulled Sadie, her mouth still agape, and she dragged her to face the stairway to their test room. Once again they were behind the girl with the long, black hair, but Suzan also found that the spooky girl had made her way right behind Sadie.

“Hi,” she said, the corner of her mouth rising to a smirk.

Suzan turned around and nearly fainted. Luckily Sadie snapped out of her funk.

“Hi spooky,” she said, “telemessaging again?”

“No,” she said, “But I could show you something that would wet your pants.”

“Ahem,” said Bonnie, “You three come along. Get on up to 201.” The girl with the long, black hair turned around to see the three she was talking about.

“Come on girls,” she said, “Let’s do our best!”

Her eyes were beckoning and Suzan felt extremely envious. This girl was a complete knockout. With her silky, black hair and hourglass shape, she made the three of them look like a bunch of boys. They scowled in unison as they followed their superior up to the next floor.

Up the stairs, the four ascended and opened the door to the second floor. 201 was just next to the stairwell. As they entered, they noticed that all the seats were taken except for a table in the front with four seats.

“Aren’t we lucky,” said the black-haired girl folding her hands together, “We get to sit together!”

The other girls in the classroom eyed them suspiciously. The spook could tell that none of them thought very highly of her, so she glared at them. Sadie just closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out at them, the whole time laughing in her head. Suzan didn’t like being stared at, at all. She faced downward feeling her face flush as she and the other walked to the empty table.

They sat down, the spook sat cat corner from the black-haired girl as Sadie sat next to the spook. Suzan sat next to the black-haired girl.

“Hi,” she said to Suzan, “My name is Tabatha. I’m a little nervous. I don’t like tests at all. I never do too well on them. What’s your name?”

“Oh,” said Suzan, “Hi my name is Suzan. I’m nervous too, but I’m usually pretty good at tests.”

“Bet you’re no good at the physical,” said the spook.

“Oh, hello,” said Tabatha, “What’s your name? do you know about the physical test?”

The other girls began to listen in on their conversation. “All I know, dopey,” said the spook, “is that the physical is only for those who have special training. I’m destined to get at least a C class rating.”

“Whatevs, Spooky,” said Sadie, “If you get a C class, I’m getting a B class.”

“Dumbass! You don’t know anything,” said the spook, “You’re one of those girls who runs her mouth, aren’t you? And you,” the spook looked at Suzan, “You have no confidence at all. I can see into your mind. You’re afraid!”

“What about me?” said Tabatha.

“You’re just dumb,” said the spook dismissively, “You may be perfect on the outside, but your brain is an empty canister.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” said Tabatha smiling, “But I’m not perfect. I can be a bit slow sometimes.” She knocked her fist against her head playfully.

“Excuse me, Spooky,” said Sadie rising from her seat, “Do you want to have that physical exam now? I could use some light exercise to get my brain moving.”

“Do some pushups,” said the spook, “You couldn’t handle me even if you had a functioning brain.”

“Alright, bitch!” shouted Sadie, tossing her seat behind her, “Get up and get ready! I’m kicking your ass!”

Then Emma appeared out of nowhere. “Hello,” she said, “You should be sitting. Can’t you follow instructions?” Emma extended her arm and wrapped it around Sadie’s middle and then with the other arm, grabbed her chair and sat it upright and placed Sadie in it kicking and screaming. The spook smirked and Tabatha giggled and clapped her hands. Suzan hung her head and blushed even redder.

“Ok, class,” said Emma as she whacked the blackboard up front with a pointer and broke it to get the girls’ attention, “This first test is just as Bonnie has described. I have scantrons and paper tests. Each of you gets one. All questions are mixed so cheating is impossible.”

Suzan caught this and she noticed that everyone else was now enraptured where once they were simply waiting for the test to start. What was she saying? Was she just being weird?

“It is now eleven o clock a.m.,” said Emma, “And we will have a lunch break at one o clock p.m. Afterwards if you have not finished your tests, you will come back and continue until you are done. Dinner is for those who can finish. I wish you luck.” Emma smiled as she passed out scantrons and tests. Once everyone had received one, she left the room to go to the next one.

“Hey,” said a student, “What was that about cheating? There’s nobody here. Couldn’t we all take the test together?”

“Hey, dumbass,” said the spook, “Cameras in the corners of the room. And probably monitored by prodigies.”

“Shhhh!” said the small girl from before, “I’m trying to focus.”

“My first question is a riddle!” said another student, “Anyone else reading riddles?”

“Yeah,” said Tabatha, “They’re kind of funny.”

“Funny!” said another student, “I don’t see how riddles help in preparing me for high school.”

Eventually, the classroom quieted and everyone was hard at work on their tests. Thirty minutes in, the small girl said, “What do we do with our tests when we finish?”

“Are you serious!” shouted Sadie who was still on question ten.

“Can’t handle it, dumbass?” said the spook.

“Shut. Up!” said Sadie. They glared at each other and then went back to their tests.

Suzan thought the exam was extremely hard. It was completely different from any test she had ever taken. Most of the questions were complicated with varying variables and she felt that she was far behind like Sadie. When she really got stumped she would look around the room at the other girls. But the most interesting girl was the one sitting in front of her.

The spook would often close her eyes for a couple of minutes and then open them suddenly to scribble in a circle and then close them again. Suzan wasn’t sure what she was doing, but whatever it was, it seemed to be effective.

Tabatha didn’t seem to be reading the questions at all. She just marked down questions quickly except for a few. Some seemed to give her more problems than others, but she plodded along. Sadie looked tense. She hated tests. Even as laid back as she was and even when it wasn’t really important, tests bugged her.

For Suzan, it wasn‘t that the questions didn‘t make sense, they were just really time-consuming. Finding the pattern. Finding the mistake. Finding the answer. It seemed like every question was taking a lifetime. And she wasn’t even sure if she was doing them right. For many of them, she just put an answer down, trying to tell herself that it wasn‘t important. But she really wanted to do well.

There were a couple of moments where she would have a mini-blackout, but otherwise, the time between was small so she barely paid any attention to it. She thought she was just tired from the lack of sleep the previous night.

Then Emma came in. “Alright ladies,” she said, “It’s lunchtime. Everyone put their pencils down. If you are finished, pass me your tests and you can have the rest of the day to explore the grounds.”

Sadie was so happy that it was lunchtime. “I can’t believe that test,” she said, as they walked out of the classroom. “How do you think you’re doing Suzu?”

Suzan shook her head, “Terrible. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

“That’s a relief,” she said, “I mean. Damn it! Sorry.”

“I think it’s hard,” said Tabatha, “I’ve only been answering C the entire time.”

Suzan and Sadie stared at her. “In fact,” she said, “I’m nearly done.”

“You haven’t finished marking C yet?” said the spook.

“Oh no,” said Tabatha, “Sometimes I get nervous.”

“Whatevs, spook,” said Sadie, “I bet you’re not even close to being done.”

“On the contrary, idiot,” said the spook, “I turned mine in when that girl came to get us.”

“Her name’s Emma,” said Tabatha, “She’s funny.”

“Whatever, dopey,” said the spook.

The spook opened the door to the lobby, and as the girls left the tower to the cafeteria, they heard a voice from around the corner.

“What was that?” said Suzan.

“Come on,” said Sadie as she ran towards the voice. Suzan and Tabatha followed close behind. They ran around the corner and saw one of their classmates in the arms of one of the guard.

“Please, leave me alone!” said a girl.

“Come on, baby,” he said, “It’s part of the program here. Every guard gets his choice of freshmen girls and you’re mine. So lose the pants and let me see your panties.”

“Oh, hell no!” said Sadie. She ran forward, jumped, and stretched out her leg to kick him in the face, but he saw her coming and pulled a club off his belt loop, striking Sadie’s attacking leg.

“Ahh!“ Sadie cried as she fell to the ground. Suzan and Tabatha ran to help her up.

“Stupid girls!” he shouted, “This none of your business! You’ll be taken soon enough!”

“You should have just left her alone!” said Suzan, “I might not be able to stop you, but someone will be able to hear this.”

Suzan opened her mouth to scream, but then another guard came up behind her and covered her mouth. Two more guards apprehended Tabatha and Sadie as well.

“You didn’t think he was alone, did you?” said another guard.

“He’s right,” said another, “We do pick out girlfriends. It’s been that way for a long time.”

“And if you don’t play along,” said the first, “We know exactly what to do. We can get you shipped out to Atmass. You’ll hate it there. Much worse than giving in to us.”

“What a load of horse shit,” said the spook.

The guards looked up to see her standing on the side of the building staring down at them.

“I could kick all your asses easy,” she said, “And none of you could ship me off anywhere.”

She ran down the building towards the guards. They pulled out their clubs and the first guard grabbed his phone.

“This is Dick Cleaver,” he began, “We have…”

His phone was ripped from his hand by a flying knife–a balisong.

She was near the ground now, flipping another balisong in her hand, eyes furrowed in concentration. The guards cowered at her decent and as Suzan looked on, she was certain that she was inside their minds, torturing them with sights too frightening to be spoken aloud.

And one by one, the guards let go of Suzan and the others and collapsed into epileptic fits on the ground. She flipped off the building, more than a foot from the ground, and set her sights on Cleaver.

He was still holding onto the other girl, his face hot and wet, he would have loved to wipe his face but the girl was his only defence against this terror.

However, his arms reluctantly released her and he tried desperately to keep hold, but something else was moving them. As the gap grew, the girl escaped and ran away to the student center, but the spook walked closer, her eyes fixed on the guards.

“Do you know what I’m doing?” she said, now five inches away from him, “Right now I’m in your head. I have disabled all signals from your brain to your limbs. In doing so, you can’t feel pain in those limbs. So if I was to cut you here,” she said moving her second knife towards his bicep, “You won’t feel it. Or if I was to stab your leg, you wouldn’t feel it. But…” she said as she positioned her knife in front of his balls, “I want you to feel it.”

“Freeze girls!” said a high ranking guard, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Cheese and fries!” shouted Suzan, as she noticed that they were completely surrounded by guard.

Tabatha laughed and Sadie hit her forehead with her palm.

“You girls are going to have to come with me to see the Dean,” he said, “practising your techniques on guard members is against the rules here.”

“We weren’t attacking them,” said Suzan, “They attacked us!”

“To me,” said the lead guard, “You used excessive force against my men and all they had to defend themselves were clubs. Would you like them to carry assault rifles?”

The spook turned and faced him. “Bring it on,” she said, lifting her knife towards him.

“That’s enough!” came a voice from beyond the circle of guard. “Move aside, I’m the Dean.”

Suzan looked up to see a lovely, young woman, in a formal skirt suit and tie, walking towards them. The girl who was attacked was with her, trembling.

“Dean Croft,” said the head guard, “These girls have disposed of my guards.”

“Correction, I did,” said the spook.

“Lieutenant,” said Dean Croft, “Your men have been walking a crooked line on my school grounds. You know what happens when your men violate my children. I will cut off their balls myself.” She held the spook’s other balisong.

The spook looked over to where she had seen it land. It was gone; just the phone remained. “This young lady told me about private Dick Cleaver and his intentions. I want you to personally take responsibility for your men.

They are not allowed to walk alone without a superior officer or I will allow my students to give your men some real training. I hope I’ve made myself clear.” She brushed her dark brown hair out of her face. “You four,” she said pointing to Suzan and the others, “Come with me. We need to talk about your actions.”

“It was in self-defence,” pleaded Suzan.

“Stop,” said the spook, “I don’t need a shield.”

Expressionless, the spook followed after the Dean. Tabatha supported Sadie as the three followed after the spook. “Sydney,” said the Dean, “You can go to lunch now. Thank you for coming to me immediately about this.”

“Um, you’re welcome,” she said; she paused for a moment and then wandered off.

The Dean took the girls to another tower on the north side of campus. This tower was much bigger, reaching 30 stories tall, it was the faculty tower, where the teachers slept. It became apparent that they were going to the Dean’s office. Suzan shook a little as she wondered about what kind of trouble they were in.

She had remembered all the fights that Sadie and she were involved in at the orphanage, but this time it wasn’t kind-hearted nuns who were on the other end of the punishment stick. This time it was a woman she barely knew. From the looks of her, she was all business. She was dressed in a violet blouse, grey skirt and P blazer.

They went inside the building and then entered the elevator. This was followed by that uncomfortable quiet that all people share in an elevator. Dean Croft pushed the button for the top floor. ‘That must be where her office is,’ thought Suzan, as she sighed, ‘I hope we aren’t punished too badly.’

Then a thought pushed into her head from the spook, ‘don’t worry about it, dumbass!’

This was oddly calming for Suzan; she did feel a little better and then the elevator opened to a hot pink room with black borders. Definitely not what she expected.

The walls were decked with posters of girl bands–mostly rocker chicks–and comic book and video game characters–also all girls.  It was an office, to be sure, there was a dark, wooden desk in the middle with a pink and black laptop in the middle of it, as well as papers stacked everywhere.

As she pulled together some chairs for the girls to sit in, Suzan noticed a door to the side which seemed to lead to a larger room. She thought she noticed a bed, but before she could crane her head a little more, Dean Croft closed the door.

“Now ladies, take a seat,” she began, “I want to first say that you will be punished. But I would also like to say that that was freaking awesome! I can’t believe the wall climbing, the kicks, and the carnage, that was so sick!”

The girls sat down. Suzan was confused. She could tell from the feelings of her classmates that they too had mixed feelings. Tabatha seemed to have a clueless smile on her face, whereas the spook blushed furiously from the praise of the Dean. Sadie had the most muddled feelings. She felt helpless; she was unable to do anything against those guards. She had a bruised ankle to go with her shaken ego, which didn’t suit her. Suzan was sure Sadie was going to need some cheering up later.

The Dean’s smile transitioned as she changed to a more professional demeanor. Her emotions cleared; the mounted excitement, and possible blood lust, that Suzan had felt in the first few minutes had subsided as her eyes shifted to a notebook on her desk.

“I know this is going to sound weird,” she began, “I would rather commend you for helping a classmate in need. It isn’t often that we, students and faculty included, go up against the guard or any other of the ordinances around here. Not that I wouldn’t. I’ve… Listen, the amount of force that you exerted, um I’m sorry what is your name?”

She was addressing the spook. Suzan, Sadie, and Tabatha’s ears perked up to finally hear her name after spending some time with the arrogant girl, it would be nice to have a name to go with the face.

“My name is Hittle,” she said, “Whitney Hittle.”

“Oh,” said the Dean, “You’re Whitney Hittle… Well, it’s nice to meet you. And you girls, your names?”

“Suzan Halden,” said Suzan, “It’s nice to meet you, Dean Croft.” They smiled at one another.

“Tabatha Blessing,” said Tabatha, still basking in an oblivious light.

“Sadie Hawkins,” said Sadie quickly.

“Sadie Hawkins,” said the Dean smiling, “I love that name. Very empowering, actually.” Sadie felt better after that.

“What I want from you girls,” said the Dean “is to keep your ears open for any other problems that might arise around here, but I want you to report directly to me instead of taking measures into your own hands. That way we can go about this the civil way, instead of a more, ahem, direct approach. I don’t want you or any other students or the school to face any legal actions. I’m sure you’re all aware of the stereotypes for our people.”

“I’m sorry,” said Suzan, “But aren’t we human? What are you talking about: ‘Our People’?” Sadie and Whitney rolled their eyes simultaneously–the only thing they agreed on.

“I would like to see it that way,” said the dean smiling, “And don’t misunderstand me. I wish no ill-will towards norms. I just don’t want any more bad publicity than is actually afforded. As you may or may not know, we have a very corrupt scientist in charge of our research facility. He has written several books on prodigies claiming we are a threat to the human race. But he is wrong!” She lost control for a moment; It felt like she was going to break her desk. She quickly regained her composure.

“You are right Suzan,” she said, “We are all human, but the world would rather not see it that way.”


Sometime before, in the lab underneath the school, Dr Leroy Ferris was busy watching the tests of the new freshman boys and girls. This task, in his mind, was very important. He needed to know what types of abilities the new students had in order to prep his superiors and the world of their dangers.

Dr Ferris hated prodigies. When he looked at them, he saw a growing rash bent on the destruction of the real human race. Dr Ferris had written countless books on prodigies, ever since he and Dr Strauss discovered them in the 80s. It began here, in this very spot, at this very school, back when things were free and there weren’t any guards or scientists.

There were only stories and legends of extraordinary people doing monstrous things. Back in those first few visits, how Dr Ferris feared for his life. One student nearly lit him on fire! It was the most frightening experience of his life and all Dr Strauss could do was laugh.

Dr Strauss… he had such a cheery disposition over the whole discovery. Instead of fear, he reacted in awe. He was filled with wonder and amazement. All he saw were the millions of applications that these children possessed, whereas he, Dr Leroy Ferris, understood the truth: these children were going to bring chaos and ultimately destroy the world.

It was during that first year that Dr Ferris and Dr Strauss had an argument and thusly parted ways. Dr Ferris had left the school to make his own startling prodigy discoveries and prove that he was right all along.

“The Rule of Five,” published in 85, Dr Ferris’s first published case study on prodigy criminals. He had interviewed five inmates at a maximum-security prison called Atmass and they all tested positive for the P gene. And to add to Dr Ferris’ joy, they all had been responsible for some of the most atrocious crimes in the US. Then everything fell into place. Many of the inmates tested positive for the P gene; about 57% of inmates were prodigies.

Dr Ferris had published volume after volume of his research. All of which painted a nasty picture of all prodigies. As it happened, he was now working on some of the cases at BIP and soon this school would be closed and he would find the place he belonged: the finest lab any government could provide. And the prodigies would be placed where they belonged: behind iron doors.

No one was sure what happened to Dr Strauss after those first years when the “Rule of Five” was published. He just disappeared. It was only after his disappearance that Dr Ferris felt he would be able to continue his own agenda at BIP. However, Dr Ferris now had one new pain in the ass to deal with.

Chaiwon Kim was a prodigy of a different type. He wasn’t homo praestan; he was just a regular, prodigious homo sapien. Graduating high school at age twelve and earning his masters at age eighteen, Chaiwon was just as naïve as Strauss. The problem with Chaiwon is that he read those stupid comic books with superheroes and this, to him, was some fantastic game that he was excluded from.

“Wouldn’t it be great to be a prodigy?” he would ask.

“Hell no!” is what Dr Ferris always replied.

Chaiwon had already made some friends among the prodigy children when he was supposed to be getting coffee! Instead, he would be chatting with those monsters. And as of now he is convinced they are just as normal and human as he and Dr Ferris.

Dr Ferris often told him, “look at the facts!” But Chaiwon would often reply, “The ‘facts’ are a little biased.”

Dr Ferris found it truly infuriating. But he had a job to do. And by looking at the footage that had been streaming from the classrooms, he had already seen a couple of things. One girl finished her test incredibly fast. ‘Too smart,’ thought Dr Ferris. One of the boys broke his chair while concentrating. ‘Further investigation,’ he thought…

He would keep this up for hours. Scrutinizing every student, watching them intensely, looking for clues to some hidden evil amongst the children. He just sat at his desk in his office, staring at the monitor watching.


Chaiwon Kim stepped out of the elevator door. He had a coffee in each hand, one was of course for his mentor, Dr Ferris. The lab was a very large underground space, full of high tech surveillance and medical supplies. It was their job to observe the prodigies and learn more about how they do what they do.

Often the scientists left the lab and observed classes and spoke to prodigy teachers and students. Asking them questions… Chaiwon knew the prodigies disliked it. Most of them were nice about it, but plenty would rather throw him out the window.

One boy, in particular, did not want to be bothered by anyone, and nearly punched a hole through Chaiwon’s chest. Luckily his friend stopped him.

And this was where Chaiwon believed that Dr Ferris was wrong. Though Chaiwon had read all of Dr Ferris’ work, he had also read a couple of books written by Dr Eric Strauss, and he had to agree that not all prodigies were looking to kill all norms.

This is what gave Chaiwon such admiration for them. That and all the comic books he read as a kid. He would have given anything to be born a mutant in New York City or bitten by a radioactive spider or to be an alien from another planet.

Most of his colleagues thought he was an alien anyways because of how smart he was, or even a prodigy. “No,” Chaiwon would reply with a sigh, “I’m not one of those.” But Chaiwon wished he had been born a prodigy. To come to this school under different circumstances rather than these.

He wandered the underground lab for a minute, saying hello to the other scientists, finally making his way to Dr Ferris’s office. Dr Ferris’s office had monitors everywhere. He was constantly watching the students; he wanted to see whatever new developments he could capture for his new book.

“Hello, Leroy!” said Chaiwon handing him his coffee.

“It’s Dr Ferris, Kim,” said Dr Ferris, sipping from his cup, “It will never be Leroy.”

“I’ll alert the media,” said Chaiwon, “So what’s going on? Anything interesting pop up during the test? Is there a reason you are zoomed in on that girl’s rack?”

“Prrrrpp!” Dr Ferris spat out his coffee, “I wasn’t checking out her rack! I thought I saw something on her… chest.”

“Yes, well,” said Chaiwon laughing, “You do know she’s fourteen, right? And I didn’t say ‘checking out.’”

Dr Ferris zoomed out on Tabatha and that was when Chaiwon saw her. She was beautiful.

“Why are you focused on this table of girls?” asked Chaiwon, “I mean besides you being a pervert.”

“I’m not a pervert!” shouted Dr Ferris loud enough for most of the other scientists to hear outside his office. “This girl right here,” he said pointing to Whitney, “If you look at this screen you can see she closes her eyes for an extended period of time before she snaps back and quickly writes an answer.”

“Couldn’t she be catching some Z’s, doc?”

“No!” shouted Dr Ferris, “She’s up to something. Maybe she has telepathy. There are a couple of students that have that. Yes, see while she closes her eyes, she’s probing the other students for answers.”

“How does she know they are right?” asked Chaiwon, keeping his eyes on the one girl in particular.

“I don’t know!”

“Wow, doc,” said Chaiwon, “Just settle down and drink your coffee… So doc, how often do prodigies wear glasses?”


“This is so cool,” said Sadie as the four girls were walking out of the building, “It’s almost like we’re secret agents.”

“Hey dumbass,” said Whitney, “It’s still detention. And I personally have other things I need to do than hang out with you three stooges.”

“Shut up, Whit-ney,” said Sadie smiling, “How does it feel now that people know your name?”

“I don’t know,” said Whitney, “How does it feel to go back and finish that test, Dumbass?”

“Shut up!” said Sadie.

“So Suzan,” said Tabatha, “What do you think of the dean?”

“I think I like her,” said Suzan, “But this school seems to be more dangerous and complicated. I‘d like to find out more about how things run, but I think it may be harder than I hope.”

“Chicken-shit?” said Whitney expressionless.

“Yes,” said Suzan, “But I think I can handle it.”

“I got your back, Suzu,” said Sadie, “And Spooky Whit-Whit will probably help too.”

“Don’t call me that,” said Whitney.

“Aww, we forgot lunch,” said Tabatha.

Sadie and Whitney stopped walking. “Damn it!” they shouted together and began running for the student center.

Suzan and Tabatha laughed as they chased after them.

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