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Reality is a Construction

Reality is a construction of

dos and don’t,

wills and won’t,

lines and boundaries,

obstacles and quandaries.


What is real 

and what is not?

A line that’s drawn

and potential locked,

buried inside 

and left to rot,

never remembered

forever forgot.


A dream that died,

never achieved.

Spoken lies,

that you believed.

You can’t do that,

think realistic!

Let go of that,

you’ll never miss it!


Discovered the treasure

deep inside,

when you’re old

and then you’ll find

that if you had more faith,

believed in your dreams,

and looked past the roadblocks

somehow it seems

you could have done all

and those big things 

are really so small…


Reality is a construction

of great and small things.

Reality is a construction,

constructed by you!

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