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5 Helpful Strategies to Make You a Better Writer

Growing up, I hated reading and writing. I received horrible scores in my English class. But as I got older, I became enraptured with creative writing. It didn’t happen until I was in high school and a partner and I wrote a short story for our class. I was immediately hooked on the idea of

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5 Addicting iPhone Games That Will Make You Forget What Day It Is

The iPhone is the most coveted mobile device in the U.S. Inside the iTunes app store, users can download numerous apps to suit their individual needs–from the most practical to, you guessed it, addictive games that keep them occupied throughout the day. This is a list of five apps I am addicted to right now:

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5 Ways You Can Increase Your Unique Visitor Rate

If you have just created a website and you are looking to increase your brand presence, you may be interested in these suggestions. No matter what your goal is, you’re not writing for nothing! You want to share your knowledge with those who are searching for answers. What I have listed should give you a

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