IT Project Team Lead

You are a project manager, looking to get your IT project finished, however you can’t be on site because you have multiple clients and projects to manage. Wouldn’t it be a great weight off your shoulders if you had someone on location directing the installation of your machines? Someone with a significant amount of IT installation experience?

With 6 years of installation experience and 3 years of Team Lead experience, implementing new technologies in hospitals and government agencies, allow me to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

I have coordinated with POCs on every level to get projects done on time. I have kept spreadsheets up to date daily, providing valuable information such as asset management (where machines are located), install date, and any other information you desire, as well as keeping you up to date with the assets still needed to be installed and where. I will also report any hurdles or push back that may impede our progress in getting the project done.
Project management is a difficult task when you are juggling multiple accounts. Let me handle the groundwork while you handle the more important issues.

Willing to work in other cities or states…






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