5 Ways You Can Increase Your Unique Visitor Rate

If you have just created a website and you are looking to increase your brand presence, you may be interested in these suggestions. No matter what your goal is, you’re not writing for nothing! You want to share your knowledge with those who are searching for answers. What I have listed should give you a couple of ideas on how to market your new site.

Write for Otblogging; writing servicesher Sites

Many website owners are very busy and can’t always come up with original content to post on their sites. Guest blogging is a good way to help them out as well as increase awareness for your own page. You’ll want to find a website that is doing the same thing you are doing and see what kind of comments they are getting. If they’re doing pretty well, you should contact them and see if they would be willing to let you write a guest post. Don’t be discouraged if they are not interested. If their site is good, read it. Maybe they’ll change their mind about you if you can make useful and constructive comments on their posts. If not, then at least you’re still learning.

Link Your Site to Similar Sites

Affiliating with another site can be a great way to receive more traffic. What makes it great is that it’s a two-way street. People coming to your site will go to their site and vice versa. The trick is to find sites that are already receiving a lot of traffic. Again, you’ll want to contact the blog owner to see if they are up with that. They will want to read your content and see if you are up to their standard before they want to partner. Another good thing to do is submit your site to a directory. There are many directories and they will contain similar material to your site. Get your site in a directory that and you’ll have better traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best ways to get yourself noticed. Most of us have several different social media points that we can utilize to increase traffic. Post unique articles on Facebook and Tumblr. Post pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. There are a number of ways that you can market your website and engage your prospective followers. And the more you post and reply to comments, the more likely comments will continue and more followers will come.

Keyword placement keyword research; headline research

It is very important to figure out who the audience of your site will be. What will they be searching for? Once you figure out who your audience is, insert their search terms throughout your site (appropriately). Try to include them in your headers or in the first paragraphs of your pages. Careful though, if your site has nothing to do with any of the keywords, there will be some quick back button pressing.

Submit your site to search engines

This is very important too. If your site isn’t listed in the big search engines, like Google, you will not be found. It may seem weird to have to do this, but new websites pop up every day. If search engines don’t know about them, they can’t find them. I’m sure that I don’t need to spell this out.






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