Perfect for Me

Who is the girl for me?

What will she be like?

Something unimaginable I suppose

For I have no idea what to see


I picture a bride,

Who deep down inside

Wants to cut me to pieces!

Adrenaline rushes,

I must defend.

In the end,

We tame each other of those wild habits.


Yes she shall be wild, but calm

Steady; unalarmed,

Thinking always, like me.

She will be outspoken and funny

And never a dumby


In my place, she shall put me,

But don’t think for a minute

I will not fight back.

It shall be fun.

We’ll dance a dance of clever dispute

Before we fall back into each other.


I hope that she loves God more

Than she loves me

Cause that is the direction I’m going

If she flows like myself

And grows like myself

There’s no telling what blessing shall fall on our home.


There is more that I want

But that’s just absurd

No one is perfect

Not even one

So I fall to the Lord,

And this is my plea,

“Please send me my someone

Who is perfect for me.”


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