Night’s Reign


Dearest day that came from oblivion.

Night was made.

Which pierced the flesh with utter terror,

Combing bare the soulless splendor of happiness long gone.

Mindless staring,

Hardly caring,

Living softly upon the floor.


Shadows dart

And leave a silence not yet felt by those before.

Breathing cold,

A hollow sheltered

Many a cold killer’s lore.

Terror filled and barely gasping,

Scarcely breathing,

Hardly choking,

Air of death that crossed the door.


Living hard or hardly living,

Setting camp upon my step.

The stars are bright,

The moon shown true,

But swallowed by darkness,

Clouds that blew,


And Night shall reign forevermore.


Leaving screams of wicked tortured,

Lost within the dark abyss,

And Night shall reign forevermore.


Taking risks with reckless virtue,

Wait tonight they come to get you,

In the darkness they wait to find you,

Night could reign forevermore.


The sun has come at long last,

Raining light upon the grass,

They will burn in his gaze,

And life begins its new phase,

Putting darkness in its place.


Night has died.

Day has risen.

Night will reign nevermore.


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