Journal Entry 7

Beware of overly sweet people. They are coated in sugar because they are sour on the inside. The older I get, the more I want a woman who has served. They understand men better than any other woman. They are valkyries, with soft spots. Tough enough to stand up for themselves; honest; smooth; lovely with … Continue reading Journal Entry 7

Journal Entry 5

Venti Cafe Mocha: More calories than my lunch. Needs more chocolate. The scalding liquid offends my tongue, but warms my stomach, a lot like alcohol... but not like alcohol. Coffee is supposed to focus you. All I get is a build up of excitement that crashes 30 minutes later. Like being with you... Whiskey is … Continue reading Journal Entry 5

Journal Entry 4

Pretty sure this was written sarcastically. Just warning any feminists reading this. *rereading it, it reminds me of the expectations that have been placed on me by men and women in my life. Rules To Being A Man Know what you want. Always. Have sex with multiple women. Always be focused; never let anything distract … Continue reading Journal Entry 4