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I was listening to Demon Hunter today for the first time in a long time, and I said a prayer to God. Inside I felt his presence, which is great, but also a tad detrimental.

Life is full of highs and lows, and unfortunately to live life by feelings is erroneous. It may feel that God is nowhere when really you are nowhere.

I find my purpose with every high. It has never changed, but my focus does. And when it does things get rocky. Life gets crappy. And I become so inconsolably unhappy.

I believe what we like has a purpose in our lives (within reason).

I believe chasing money will only lead to deeper loneliness.

I believe everything is permissible, but not always beneficial.

I believe in God’s grace, served by Jesus Christ.

I believe life is a test to become a faucet of pouring love on the people around us (I need a lot of work). I believe that without focus, we cannot fulfil our duty, purpose, or ultimately be happy.

This is me today. I hope it is me tomorrow, but perhaps a better me instead.

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