Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?

I feel like answering some philosophical questions because it will be a good way for me to develop my deeper thinking, especially when it comes to writing. Hopefully, you enjoy these (Honestly, I don’t care. I’m hoping to improve my discipline when it comes to writing).

I feel it is better to fail at something than to never attempt it at all (kind of a no brainer).

Though no one wants to be a FAILURE or a LOSER, failure is a form of education. When we fail, we (hopefully) are able to break down the problem and realize WHY we failed, and therefore devise a new strategy for succeeding (if we still desire to).

Really it all boils down to the DESIRE for the thing that we are attempting. Dreams for example.

In American society, it is pressed on children to dream and, often, to dream big. While I believe anyone can accomplish a GOAL if they put their mind to it, the biggest part that dreamers forget is the strategy of achieving that goal.

If you wish to SUCCEED, you need to ATTEMPT. When you ATTEMPT, you must have a strategy for ACHIEVING.

FAILURE is the teaching tool that tells you that your STRATEGY didn’t work.

The other side, NEVER ATTEMPTING AT ALL, is the worse choice. You have a dream, but you decide it is too difficult to achieve, and so you don’t even give it a chance. You sit on the couch and forget about it.

By not even ATTEMPTING, you have no chance of SUCCEEDING.

FAILURE tells you to RESTRATEGIZE. Come up with a new plan to succeed. Take a good look at why you failed and decide how you can better achieve your goal.

That’s my take on the subject. Really didn’t have to think too hard and as you can imagine, this was all stream of consciousness anyway… Sorry if it wasn’t structured or whatever… 😛







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