Hush Part 4

From the notes of Dr. Ketch:

I’ve never been more fascinated by a person in my entire life. Thomas Pipkin is by far the most interesting subject I have thus far come across. He scooped out his own eyes out of rage for the trespasses of a young lady name Beverly Rose.

Now he is an artist with other-worldly and, perhaps, supernatural prowess with a number two pencil. I want to get him some colored pencils, but Dr. O’Hare doesn’t think it’s necessary. I’ll probably do it anyway. It can’t hurt.

It’s hard for me to believe that love would drive a person to destroy their vision. Obviously, there is no real love in the world, only chemical reactions. Pipkin was infatuated with this young woman and saw her as the perfect specimen to procreate with. She, on the other hand, saw him as inferior genes that shouldn’t be passed on to another generation. Perhaps she was right. He gouged out his eyes.

That being said, he seems to have metamorphosed in some way. He draws these devastating pictures of symbols, again all with a number two pencil. I’m not a superstitious man, but Thomas Pipkin gives me pause. I’m hungry for more answers. Dr. O’Hare may be dismissive of this finding, but there may be a hidden genius inside Pipkin’s head. I’ve been delving through occult books looking for anything similar to what Pipkin has been drawing. Several I have identified as sigils used to perform magic spells.

It seems like nonsense, but there is something guiding this average man down this dark path, and I want to know more. I want to go further. I want Pipkin to continue down this path of insanity. However, this can never be made known. I must keep this journal locked away from my peers, especially Dr. O’Hare. He doesn’t understand the possible gain here.

I will see this through and perhaps unlock the powers of the mind, the afterlife, and possibly absolute power!






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