Hush part 1

Thomas Pipkin felt like he was walking on air. The balls of his feet effortlessly pushed him towards the love of his life. Her house was just a block away, and with a dozen roses in hand, he was about to take her out and share his big news.

He just made the best sale of his life. Romo Cola was going to be sold at Wal-Mart! It had taken many months of negotiations, but Romo Cola would be raking in lots of money, meaning he’d be raking in lots of money. They’d be set for life!

He laughed. He couldn’t contain his joy, but as he neared the driveway of her home, he noticed an unusual car. He’d never seen this vehicle before. Perhaps her father had traded his old one…

He rounded the driveway and stepped up to the door, but just as he was about to knock a gentleman opened the door that Thomas had never seen before. He was holding his love’s hand… and smiling!

Thomas clenched his fist and struck the man in the face, sending him back inside.

“Thomas!” shouted the woman, “What are you doing here! This is my house and you are not welcome if you’re going to behave like that!”

“Who is he, Bev?” said Thomas. “Why is he here?”

“He’s my boyfriend, Thomas. We’ve been together for a month now.”

Thomas’s face went from red to white instantly. “I… Thought, you liked me?”

“Thomas, we had one date, and I wasn’t interested. Why do you think I was always unavailable?”

She backed away towards her boyfriend. He was rubbing his jaw. Thomas hoped he broke something. The man put his hand down and glared at Thomas. “Please leave. We are going out.”

Thomas’s knees buckled; he caught himself and absentmindedly stepped aside. He didn’t even notice when the stranger took hold of jacket and guided him to the end of the driveway before taking Bev’s hand and guided her to his car.

Thomas watched, like it wasn’t even happening, like he was watching a moving picture, the love of his life just drifted away, the licence plate growing and smaller and smaller…

His knees gave way; he couldn’t catch himself this time. He collapsed on his knees. His hand instinctively reached for the mail box inches away from him. He walked her up that driveway. She smiled at him and said she had a wonderful time… What did he do wrong?

He had to prove to her that he was worthy. Then she would love him. He pulled himself up and trudged back home.


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