How to be a Cryptid

Are you cryptid material?

Do you find the ways of civilized folk backwards? Do you wish to live in the woods, with a carpet of grass and a roof of tree branches? Do you long for a world outside of the dimension that those in “power” can offer you?

You might be a cryptid. Here are some other helpful ways to determine if you are as amazing as the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot.

Cryptids are Magical

As a cryptid, there is something mysterious about you. You often have increased sensitivity to smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste. Sometimes you have a sixth sense that couples with the other five in magical ways.

You may even have physical attributes that contribute to your magic. Horns or antlers. Beast strength. Long hair all over your body… Not all cryptids are created equal, but each one is unique in its own way.

Cryptids seek Solitude

Most humans are very social creatures. You, yourself, have longed for human contact or even just to be “normal…” There is nothing great about being “normal.” Normal is average. You are not.

Solitude is something that you need. You need to commune with the ancient one. The universe. THE God… The all in one… This is only achieved in solitude, in quiet and stillness of mind. Meditation is key.

If you’re not good at it, practice. Listen. Be still. Know.

Cryptids MAKE their own Rules

“Normal” is not for you. Normal is a death sentence. Normal is a restriction, a rule, that society imposes on you because it is afraid of just WHAT you might create or become. If it doesn’t reflect the status quo, you are a threat.

WELCOME IT with a smile on your face. Bare your fangs, furrow your brow, dare to be dangerous!

Cryptids have Small Tribes

Even Bigfoot has a tribe. Being new to the society of cryptids, I have yet to meet him. Perhaps my attachments have yet to be fully shed, or perhaps I have yet to meet my own kind.

Once you find them, stay in communication. Solitude is necessary, yes, but communion with like-minded people is necessary too. Do not be afraid of new things, new ideas, new struggles. Welcome them! Take them as challenges and grow! Your tribe will shrink naturally the farther you go. Maybe you’ll lose everyone… It is not for me to say… But do not worry about what-ifs. What is IS. What will WILL.

Cryptids are Self-Sufficient

Being self-sufficient is necessary. You can not expect someone else to carry your weight. Those who don’t hunt, do not eat. Those who do not contribute, do not share. You must do what it takes to survive, on your own if necessary.

There are always stipulations, but even the old can show great resilience during trials.

Cryptids have an Affinity to Nature

It comes with the territory. If you wish to stay amongst society, then live by their rules. If you want something better for yourself (and understand that being a cryptid isn’t for everyone), then the above topics should be the focus of your development. You must also have a great reference for the earth and its creatures.

You eat to survive. You put your faith in the universe for provision. You do not overdo it.

You respect the earth and protect it. You are a conservationist and an eco-terrorist! Use your claws and fangs appropriately! What does that mean? No unjust kills; defensive needs only!


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