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Good bye to WordPress

Hey all,

I am leaving WordPress. I am focusing on my fiction, and I feel like WordPress just isn’t the place to do that. Maybe there isn’t a place to do that. When I started this blog, it was my intention to write fiction, but though I grew some followers, I got little to no feedback, even when I asked for it.

It’s funny. I’ve been sitting here freewriting all the justifications for my departure. I don’t have any. The fact is that writing on a schedule is difficult for me–schedules are difficult for me! And with a blog, it is necessary to continually write new things week after week. And a successful blog is “about a subject in which I am an expert in.” I’m not an expert in anything. I, personally, don’t believe in experts.

I have moved myself to here: I am focusing on my fiction and I hope those interested in my work will subscribe. Currently my work is free. Simply subscribe and you will get an email when I publish something new.

I do know this is a lot to ask, but substack is just less overwhelming, and it feels like I can write what I want without having to be an expert.

Also, since this is the first update I have done in a long while, I have self-published two books on Amazon. Visit here to buy my books:

I believe the page will be down in August. I will probably be trying to move my domain to substack if possible.

If I’ve made any impressions you can follow my socials:

Twitter: Howlietzer

Facebook: STHatlaban

Instagram: Howlietzer

Look for me on soon. Should be Howlietzer too.

I’ll probably do some marketing here for the time being. You may expect a couple more posts before I disappear.

It’s been a pleasure.

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I’m sure that when you landed on my page, you were astonished to see the heading there: Howlietzer Publishing.
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