Genesis Chapter 2

The Drakonians were first. They came because they saw the star. A new star—never before discovered by their astronomers—just blinked into existence. And other stars, igniting and burning, ones that had been extinguished for a long time. What could have caused this?

Their scientists discussed the possibility of gasses and electrons and all manner of explanations, but the fact was that a new star was born and they didn’t know how.

It was time for an investigation. And being a very organized race, they sent their military and scientists to examine the area that resembled spilled milk.

Their ships were long, and they undulated like sea serpents across the sky. Adam didn’t think much of them. To him, they were just another animal. He and his wife Eve, and several others that YHWH created after the two, lived with the wild things peacefully. All worked together to protect the Garden of Eden where they lived.

Though work was perhaps the wrong word for it. Food was readily available. Shelter was readily available. Companionship was readily available. Everything was at their fingertips and YHWH was everywhere. No one wanted anything.

Adam lay on his back, looking up at the sky, a red fruit in his hand, content as he watched the shapes move close to the ground. Large, flying snakes? he thought as he took a bite of his fruit. They steadily grew closer and eventually appeared to be landing.

Adam swallowed his bite and stood up. These snakes are enormous! The entire village could ride on their back!

They landed somewhere off in the distance. He could feel it. Something large shook the earth. Adam felt where it was and headed in the direction.

“Adam?” YHWH said, “Where are you going?”

“Those creatures, LORD, they landed somewhere over there.” Adam pointed.

“What were they?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen anything like them. Surely you know what they are.” Adam’s confusion spread as Eve and the rest came to the clearing where they spoke.

“I do,” YHWH said. “Do not investigate. I will attend to this matter personally.”

With that, YHWH went in the direction of the aerial beasts. And Adam followed close behind, telling Eve and the others to stay.

He followed close behind YHWH, hoping to see the incredible beasts with no name.

“Adam? You are following me.”

“Yes, LORD.” They were deep in the garden. Navigating trees and stones. Bushes and mounds. Animals came towards them, they were scared, but moving silently, hoping to avoid the newcomers.

A large bear and his family lumbered towards YHWH and Adam, amongst the other animals.

“Ursus,” YHWH called. “Who has arrived?”

Ursus approached YHWH, bowed, and then stood at his full height, eye to eye with YHWH. “Master! There are scaley creatures from outside the earth who landed here in elongated ships.”

“Ships?” Adam asked.

YHWH stretched out HIS hand and Sauro, a lizard the size of Adam’s forearm crawled onto it. “Do they look like this?”

“Yes,” said Ursus. “But they stand, like Adam.”

YHWH was gone, but Adam followed on foot as best as possible to the sight where the animals were running from. It was easy to spot. Ahead, a clearing appeared where one hadn’t been before and an uneasy feeling crept over Adam to where he stopped and hid behind a large tree.

He looked around it, trying to stay hidden from their sight, the lizard men. Strange beings just like Ursus said. They stood upright, just like him, but they were green and scaley with long tails and large wings coming out of their backs.

As Adam scanned the area, he noticed they were all very different. The ones with wings stood closest to the longships, as Ursus called them, which had touched down in an undulated shape, compressed to fit the area.

Most of them were wingless and tailless. Those ones were clearing the area quickly with different hacking tools. The trees fell quickly. The brush was replaced with different structures Adam had never seen before.

“These are the Drakonians, Adam. I made them a time before I made you.”

“Drakonians…” Adam watched in awe as they hacked apart the garden.

“They once served me, but they have forgotten me. I hope you do not follow in their footsteps.”

“LORD, they are destroying your garden!” Adam said as quietly as he could, though his anger was growing.

“Hush now,” YHWH spoke, and Adam was calm and peaceful. “I will deal with this, but I need you to follow my instructions. Do not mingle with them. They will try to make contact, but you must avoid them. Go. Tell the others what you have seen and what I have said. Do not take anything they give you. Nothing.”

Adam leaped from behind the tree and ran back to their village. YHWH kept Adam’s movements undetectable from the Drakonians, and HE approached the longships.






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