I look at the world with such disdain… I don’t like doing it. I don’t like people. I always seem to run into the most shitty people. I stabbed a man’s tires not too long ago. All I wanted him to do was move over just a little so I could pass through a narrow driveway, but he wouldn’t oblige.

I get into this nasty mood when people don’t oblige. Something as simple as just moving a vehicle two or three feet to one side doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. I would have gladly done it myself. This man wouldn’t move. And he did it in the nastiest way too. With a prideful air, he just said no, and told me to back my car around–possibly into someone else–because he was rightful to sit there.

I hate when I get that way. I just snap. It’s always the same thing though. Some asshole can’t do a simple nicety, and I just lose it.

I carry a large hunting knife with me. It was a gift from my father. He used to take me hunting all the time. I always felt like Rambo, waving it around at squirrels and birds, daring them to come within reach. Now it’s my tool of choice. I stab tires with it.

I remember the air hissing out of the tires as I jabbed them. I remember the man stepping out of his car, ready to tell me off or something. I remember putting that blade in his face, ready to sever something…

I didn’t have to. He didn’t speak. His focus shifted from me to the blade. Nobody ever wants to do me a favor, but when Daisy comes out everyone wants to be hospitable. Yeah, I named my knife Daisy. Mostly for irony. Don’t read to far into it. I remember in high school my English teacher always wanted me to find the hidden meaning behind things. I have a hard time sometimes thinking that story-tellers really have an agenda when they color things. Maybe it’s just a red door?

I also remember reading about the furies in that class. We did a section on Greek mythology. I like that stuff. There’s a Fury called Alecto. I think I relate to her the most. I get angry a lot, and I often find myself relieving my anger when I meet jerks who can’t move their car 2 feet.

And so it finally hit me: I am fury. That is my purpose. I will destroy all that gets in my path. I will correct the ones that don’t do the right thing. I’ll be a superhero. Maybe I’ll call myself Alecto…






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