Essence of Madness

Sitting here, on a severed tree,

The essence of madness awakes in me.

I see the door to oblivion,

And I grab the knob and turn the key.


Beyond the gate, I followed through,

I saw the faces of those I knew,

But they are not from the world I came,

They only exist in my brain.


They sat with me and talked awhile.

But all we did was vibe and smile.

Their minds were slack, as if they were rolling.

And as I listened I felt I was folding.


I talked with two in particular.

They were more fun and friendlier.

We shouted loud for those to hear it.

And ran down the hills with my animal spirit.


I was mad indeed;

Truly insane.

Popping pills,

Feeling no pain.

Some of them colored,

Some of them plain.

How many more

Will it take to get sane?


Have you ever wondered how far you could go

That even spirit foxes would choose not to follow?

Three tails and antlers, large in size;

Rode on his back till he left my side.


We ran through my mind for hours listening

To the bass thumping loudly from oblivion.

But somewhere I lost contact with the fox that I rode,

And I ended up digging in soil below.


Amusing musings of captured dissidence

Between those before and those soon after.

Like falling stars, the images faded

As if falling closer to where we are.


And as I dug, to keep exploring

I could not help my mind imploring

A question that seemed funnier when on Druggy high and lows

To paraphrase a line of intrigue,

Do you want to see how far the Fox-hole goes?


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