Friday Fictioneer 12/14/12

My kids got me a laptop for Christmas last year and I haven’t really had too many problems until I got my Facebook page. It’s really a neat idea. I can connect with old friends, but I can also get horrible viruses.

I opened up a message from someone I don’t know. Not sure who it was, and curiosity getting the better of me, I opened it. It was a cute message about love… But then it got strange.

My heart was overcome with emotion. I felt everything. Have you ever felt the pain of the entire planet? It’s debilitating.


8 responses to “Empathy”

  1. sustainabilitea Avatar

    It’s hard enough to feel for the people who lost children or other loved ones in today’s shootings. I can’t imagine what it would be like to feel the pain of the entire world. (I know you didn’t mean your story to be so somber, but it’s that kind of day.)

    1. doriantgray Avatar

      Thank you for the comment, I was actually going for something somber-ish (I’ve been in a hole for a week and didn’t realize all the trouble going on in the US); I think everyone could use a little more empathy, and then all the shootings and wars and mistreatment would stop. It would really hurt (being an understatement) to feel the whole world’s pain though.

  2. rochellewisoff Avatar

    The pain of the whole world would be debilitating. Loved the title…it worked. Must be some Facebook page you logged onto.

  3. brudberg Avatar

    Need to stay of Facebook. The weight of the world can be hard to handle.

  4. dmmacilroy Avatar

    Empathy is a burden and your story reflected this well.



  5. tedstrutz Avatar

    Nice take on the prompt. I liked how you combined the elements. Not fiction, I’m afraid.

  6. Abraham Avatar

    Interesting us of the prompt.
    Yes, “hurt” would be an understatement.

  7. Abraham Avatar

    Sorry, I meant “use”

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